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 Recruitment application form

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PostSubject: Recruitment application form   Tue Feb 09, 2010 12:54 pm



Your history(Clans/Games):



How much do you play per week/day:

What is your playstyle usualy:

Skills that could benefit the clan:

The thing you are most proud of:

Did you read the "READ THIS BEFORE posting application":

READ THIS BEFORE posting application:

This clan is run dictatorship style. You dont like it dont apply. We dont enforce tax nor do we request our members to be no more than Active and loyal members. We expect you to be an active ventrilo user with a microphone. The people who advance to higher ranks in this game will be the ones that actively play with the clan and help to uphold the clan ideology. We offer our members to organise their own events on their own aslong as its not contra productive to the clan.
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Recruitment application form
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