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 Application: Runny Runningwave

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Application: Runny Runningwave Empty
PostSubject: Application: Runny Runningwave   Application: Runny Runningwave Icon_minitimeWed Mar 10, 2010 12:28 am

Name: Runny Runningwave

Age: 17, 18 in 1 month..

Your history(Clans/Games): Clans in darkfall, Darkfall pirates, HEATHEN, New hope, Ninja pirate association, The crimson uprising. Games, Star wars galaxies, WoW, Random free mmorpg's that sucked. then Darkfall.

Country: United states of america (But essentialy play on gmt +10 schedule)

Ventrilo: Yeah

How much do you play per week/day: Every day about 7+ hours

What is your playstyle usualy: I try to pvp quite a bit and if im not pvping im hunting Bonecrew mariners for the astrolabes.

Skills that could benefit the clan: I'm a fan of using polearms, Regardless of the fuckin shitty speed. To me it still does the damage I love in pvp. But on top of that I love to use sacrifice in pvp to heal. And Empa knows, That im friendly on vent. xD

The thing you are most proud of: That the Hyperion Zerg is dead.

Did you read the "READ THIS BEFORE posting application": Yes, and I agree to it
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Application: Runny Runningwave
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